Gato Gordo is a theatre group that turned their home into a venue for one weekend of every month. Based in the old town of Realejo in Granada, Southern Spain, the group created four short pieces that they would perform in each room of their home. The audience would get put into groups and each group would watch one performance at a time before rotating until everyone had visited each room. Every performance was an entirely new immersive experience and had a real power for creating a completely different world in every room.

Susana Hill was introduced to this wonderful group of people by a friend in 2014 and started closely photographing the actors and people involved in the project shortly afterwards. “I wanted to capture the magical atmosphere they created,” she says, “and show how something so simple can have such an amazing impact.” Through her lens, Hill has been able to bring out all kinds of emotions from those involved – joy, excitement, fear – as well as showcasing some of their unique props and costumes that add to the experience.

She hopes that through her work she can raise awareness about Gato Gordo’s work and encourage more people to experience it first-hand. “It’s important for me to show what these artists do,” she says. “They are creating something special here.”