Alley of The Rising Sun is Susana Hill’s first self-published photobook. Launched for the first time at the Photobook Cafe where the work was also shown in exhibition form.

“Susana‚Äôs first photobook, Alley of The Rising Sun, captures a stream of consciousness lived during her own journey into maturity. Through gritty, raw photographs, Susana Hill invites the viewer to explore her own search into identity and meaning. Using the language of photography to link her thoughts with those of her peers, who are also navigating their way through their development process.

The book poses a stress-induced open question about finding a trajectory as a young adult, offering the viewer a conclusion to stop chasing the answer. To realise that none of it matters too much and to instead, savour where you are now.

The exhibition presents an extended edition of the book, showing works that range from 2015 to the present day. Showing the eclectic selection of prints, contact-sheets, test prints and text extracted from journals, in an attempt at capturing these moments between childhood dreams, fading away into adulthood realities.”